Animal Husbandry is out now! Tame wonderful creatures.

Animal Husbandry is out now!

Tame wonderful jungle creatures

We’re excited to announce that we’ve just released Animal Husbandry, a new free update to Green Hell. This one adds a new, stunning mechanic – now you can tame and breed animals!

Thanks to the sedative properties of the Blowpipe, you’re able to catch three animal species – capybara, tapir and peccary. As they sleep, you can tie them up and get to your base, where you can build a pen and give them their own place to live.

Now, as you keep your animals in the pen, you have to look after them. Depending on the regularity of filling Feeding and Water Trough, tidying up and providing them enough space, you may have a chance of breeding a newborn. And as you gain maximum trust, the animal will respond to your whistle and allow you to pet it as well!

And as you already have animals in your base, you can enrich it even more!
Go into the wilderness, find a bee colony and take the queen to your newly-built Beehive.


– An entirely new mechanic: Player now can tame capybara, peccary and tapir
– A new weapon: The Blowpipe – that is letting you capture three animals, hunt other animals and defend from any other threats
– Taking care of your animals: supply them with fresh food and water, and tidy up their pen so they won’t get sick. And if they trust you, they’ll let you PET THEM
– Breed animals: If you’ll lead female and male animal feel good in their pen, you can be suprised with a newborn
– Beekeeping: complete your farm with beehive, then colonize it with the queen bee and enjoy one of the rarest snacks of the jungle – honey
– New constructions – Animal Pen, Beehive, Feeding Trough, Water Trough, Frog Stretcher