Celebrating Green Hell VR release on Steam with a bundle!

Celebrating Green Hell VR release on Steam with a bundle!

Yesterday Green Hell VR launched on Steam. The game is compatible with Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality. Congratulations to our friends at Incuvo who are responsible for the port, both on Steam and Oculus Quest 2!

Green Hell VR is the most immersive way to discover the Amazon, where as Jake Higgins, a well-known anthropologist, you’ll meet one on one, eye to eye, with the jungle with all its distresses. After a mysterious accident, without the faintest idea of what and why has happened, you know just one thing – you are separated from your loved one, Mia, and you need to find her. There’s not much you can lean on: intuition, resourcefulness and keeping eyes wide open to keep from the dangers lurking at you in the darkness of the jungle.

But beware, thanks to virtual reality all feels, sounds and looks like you’re in Jake’s skin. Do you have what it takes to survive in the Amazonian jungle?

To celebrate the release, we have prepared something special. We heard from the players who’ve already spent time in Jake Higgins boots on PC, that they would like to rediscover his adventures in PCVR. For all of you, there’s a special “Complete the set” bundle offer:

Starting yesterday, till 22th June – you can grab Green Hell + Green Hell VR bundle in a special 20% off discount. And if you decide to get the bundle until 16th June, you can acquire Green Hell VR with an additional 10% launch discount. Complete the set bundle means that if you already own Green Hell, you are able to grab Green Hell VR with a bundle discount!
See you in virtual reality!