Hey everyone.
Dive into the first part of the New Mode – The Spirits of Amazonia!


  • New Mode – The Spirits of Amazonia
  • New Map Area
  • New Tribe Villages
  • Tribal Legends
  • First Part of the New Storyline
  • New Modular Construction – Balcony
  • New Tree – Spike Tree
  • New Mushroom


  • Harvesting AI bodies is now done by holding the Action key
  • Caimans now does not kill Player immediately
  • S’ and W’ on the Watch are now colored
  • Button for Expand menu can be remapped
  • Now Cinematics can be turned off in Settings
  • AI’s now can walk in shallow water and in narrow spaces including logs
  • Game FPS can now be limited (works only with VSYNC turned off)


  • Fixed – Storage Boxes and Beds sometimes are unusable until another Player looks at them
  • Fixed – Problems with building Bamboo Bridge
  • Fixed – Blocked inputs after returning to gameplay from Pause at the start of drinking animation
  • Fixed – Jaguar/Puma are hard to hit with melee Weapons
  • Fixed – Trunks cut down by other Player than the one cutting the tree sometimes do not give loot
  • Fixed – Additional Fruit can spawn under plant in Planting Box on game load
  • Fixed – Items in bags respawn after returning to Main Menu and reloading the game
  • Fixed – Pot and Bidon can be destroyed from Expand Menu
  • Fixed – Notebook pictures for Constructions added in Stands update look blurry on low Texture settings
  • Fixed – Some Soup effects are missing from Effects of Consumption
  • Fixed – Forms disappear too quickly when Player goes away
  • Fixed – No Fever or Poison reduction info in Infolog and Effects of Consumption
  • Fixed – No Sanity Icon in Infolog and Effects of Consumption
  • Fixed – Audio in Cinematics is missing when in-game music is muted in Settings
  • Fixed – Weapons held by player are not lighted by fire
  • Fixed – Axe appears in players hands before drinking animation stops
  • Fixed – Game crashes to Windows after Bad Ending if the game was loaded from save in Single Player or always in Multiplayer
  • Fixed – Leeches are sucking players blood in wrong direction

On some systems, there is a slight chance that cutscenes may cause an issue, if this happens please turn off the Cinematics in Game Options.

King of the Jungle (Hard) and Permadeath are not available on this mode YET! Look out for patches and updates! (SOON!)