July 17, 2018

We're cooking up

We're cooking up an exciting update for you guys. Just a little while longer! Some of you have already started to figure out our hints, so congratulations! Who has gotten it right? Only time will tell! Thank you all for your patience and excitement ❤️

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish...

8 little fishies to go in a dish. What an oddly specific number...

A gift from the heavens!

Gathering rainwater is a great resource for fresh water while surviving Amazon.

This time ya lil' bugger

No nibbling on my ankles this time ya lil' bugger.

A mysterious message

These paintings left behind... what are they trying to tell us? A mysterious message indeed....

At least for the moment...

We're lucky that this guy has a full belly and seems more interested in sunbathing than us.

Screenshot saturday

The best way to ensure survival is to make sure you're eating well. What's inside the bowl!?