May 22, 2018

Rainforest mushrooms

It's time for some 'shrooms, and these won't make you larger or give you superpowers. Some of them might make you quite sick though.

Illegal Gold Mines

I bet you thought the Amazon was all trees and waterfalls and predators, huh? WRONG! The world of Green Hell has so much more going on than you know. Next up in our Danger Cards series... GOLD! #indiegame #indiedev #greenhell

Goliath Birdeater

You know what they say, "It's dangerous to go alone..." but in Green Hell it's kinda your only option! They also say that the night is dark and full of terrors... like this bad boy. Number one in our 'Danger Cards' series!

It's morning, the sun is shining and IN CASE YOU MISSED IT (that's #ICYMI for the kids) you wake up next to the Goliath Birdeater and everything is ruined forever as you'll never sleep again.


🎶If you go out in the woods today, You're sure of a big surprise, If you go out in the woods today, You'd better go in disguise... because if this thing spots you it's gonna ruin your goddamn day!🎶 Songs by #GreenHell PR! #indiedev #indiegame

So before we take off for our glorious weekend of coding and rendering and texturing, we want to remind you that the Amazon rainforest, much like the Wu Tang Clan, ain't nothin' to fuck with (sorry for the swear, but you know... WU TANG!) #indiedev #indiegame

Red-bellied Piranha

Alright, so we've established that the rainforest is dangerous with giant-ass spiders and jaguars, so what about the water? It's safe there, right?

Nahhhh... of course it isn't!

Dart Frog

We usually like to let y'all chew on things for a day or two before we release new stuff but in honor of 800 followers we gonna hit ya with a new Danger Card! I mean, it's cute but...

Red-bellied Piranha

School's in, kids! Lesson 1: When we say we gonna hit ya with a double whammy, we mean it! Away we go!

The Amazon is full of all sorts of dangers but we can't ignore all the cute and cuddly creatures out there because MEAT. #indiegame #indiedev #greenhell

Rainforest ants

Coming through with our promise, here's the second Danger Card of the day!

So you have a gaping wound to treat... here, try attaching a Bullet Ant head to it! 😱 #indiegame #indiedev #greenhell